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The Stories of She is a collection of short stories written by women.

Danielle Nicki's short story is titled “The Mo’ Black Journals” and is an adaptation of her feature screenplay, “Mo’ Black”.


Danielle's writing captures her readers' hearts with exquisite, often painful, but also beautiful, page energy. She suffuses pure emotional storytelling with meaningful observations of the human condition while exploring our anxieties surrounding race, identity, and family.

Jeremiah L.

The top word that comes to mind when I think of Danielle's writing is fresh— her stories entertain in a unique way while being full of grounded emotion. I'm always thrilled when I get to read her work. On top of that, she's a wonderful collaborator: creative, insightful, and with an eye toward optimizing for production.

Elizabeth D.

Sharp evocative writing that never fails to reach off the page and cause an emotional reaction. Whether it's a drama laced with comedy or horror with an undertone of social commentary Danielle's writing always makes you feel as if you're part of the story.

Guy C.

Danielle has a unbelievably strong skill, and her ability to cross genes while remaining true to her style and voice is unparalleled. One of my rules to live by, is "If Danielle Nicki asks you to read one of her scripts, you say yes."

Mark R.

Danielle's writing is some of the strongest I've read. I'm always impressed with how authentic her characters feel, how unique she crafts each and every single one of them, while also digging into the themes of her great story premises. She also has a wonderful mastery of story structure, robust world building, and her voice leaps off the page!

Sam W.

I’ve read several of Danielle's scripts, all different genres, and I'm always blown away on how extremely talented she is at weaving a compelling story around grounded characters while either pulling at my heartstrings, keeping me on the edge of my seat and/or cheering her characters on. The talent she has as a writer amazes me!

Nanea T.